Pay your friends with bitcoin

Pine is easy to use for anyone who knows how to use a messaging app such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Just pick a username and you are ready to send and receive bitcoin from your friends and family. Your bitcoins are stored securely on your device.

Decentralized and open

Just like bitcoin, Pine is designed to be decentralized and open. The app and server software is open-source and you can host your own Pine server with your own domain.

Full control and ownership

Only you are in control of your funds stored with Pine. We have no access to your private keys or bitcoins in any way. This also means that we cannot recover lost funds for you.

Run your own bitcoin node

You can run your own bitcoin node so you can broadcast and validate transactions without having to trust anyone. Running your own node also improves your privacy.

Protected using your biometrics

By signing transactions with Touch/Face ID, you are the only one who can spend your funds. This prevents unauthorized payments if your phone would end up in the wrong hands.